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Evergreen is an open source, consortial-quality Integrated Library System (ILS), initially developed by the Georgia Public Library Service1 for PINES (Public Information Network for Electronic Services), a statewide direct-lending consortium with over 270 member libraries.

Evergreen development began in 2004, when GPLS determined that no available ILS software could meet the needs of PINES. Evergreen 1.0 went live in September, 2006.

The Evergreen ILS is being used worldwide. Beyond PINES, organizations with live Evergreen implementations include SITKA2 a library consortium in British Columbia; the Indiana Open Source ILS Initiative; the Michigan Library Consortium3; as well as smaller libraries such as Kent County Public Library4 in Maryland and Marshall Public Library5 in Marshall, Missouri. Other organizations committed to Evergreen include Project Conifer6 in Ontario, Canada.

The original core developers of Evergreen have formed a commercial company around the software, Equinox Software7 which provides custom support, development, migration, training, and consultation for Evergreen.


Koha is an integrated library system (ILS) and was the first open source ILS. Koha was created in 1999 by Katipo Communications for the Horowhenua Library Trust in New Zealand. The first installation went live in January of 2000.


PMB (PhpMyBibli) is a fully featured open source integrated library system. The project was initiated by François Lemarchand in October 2002, Director of the Public Library of Agneaux; it is now maintained by PMB Services (a French Company).


NewGenLib is an integrated library management system developed by Verus Solutions Pvt Ltd and the Kesavan Institute of Information and Knowledge Management in Hyderabad, India. NewGenLib version 1.0 was released in March 2005. On 9th January 2008, NewGenLib was declared Open Source Software under GNU GPL Licence by Verus Solutions.8


  • Dynix from SirsiDynix
  • Horizon from SirsiDynix
  • Symphony from SirsiDynix
  • Talis (UK and Ireland)
  • Unicorn from SirsiDynix
  • Voyager from Ex Libris, formerly from Endeavor
  • Millenium from Innovative Interfaces, Inc.
  • Virtua from VTLS
  • ILMU from Paradigm Systems and Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)

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