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Battle of Culloden


(approximately 5,400 men)

  • Army Commander-Prince Charles Edward Stuart
  • FIRST LINE-3,810 men
    • Right Wing-1,150 men (Lord George Murray, brother of the Chief of Clan Murray)
      • Atholl Highlanders Regiment-500 men (William Murray Lord Nairne)
      • Clan Cameron Regiment-400 men (Donald Cameron of Lochiel, de facto Chief of Clan Cameron)
      • Clan Stewart of Appin Regiment-250 men (Charles Stewart of Ardshiel, uncle to the Chief of Clan Stewart of Appin)
    • Center-1,760 men (Lord John Drummond)
      • Clan Fraser of Lovat Regiment-400 men (Charles Fraser of Inverallachie)
      • Clan Chattan Regiment-350 men (Alexander MacGillivray of Dunmaglass, Chief of Clan MacGillivray, for Lady Anne Farquharson MacIntosh, "Colonel Anne," wife of the Chief of Clan MacIntosh and Captain of the Clan Chattan Confederation)
      • Clan Farquharson Regiment-250 men (James Farquharson of Balmoral, "Balmoral the Brave," father of "Colonel Anne")
      • Clans MacLachlan & MacLean Regiment-290 men (Lachlan MacLachlan of MacLachlan, Chief of Clan MacLachlan and aide de camp to the Prince, with Charles MacLean of Drimnin as second-in-command)
        • Clan MacLeod Unit-120 men (Malcolm MacLeod of Raasay) - attached to Clans MacLachlan & MacLean Regiment
      • Edinburgh Regiment-200 men (John Roy Stewart)
      • Clan Chisholm Regiment-150 men (Roderick Chisholm of Comar, son of the Chief of Clan Chisholm)
    • Left Wing-900 men (James Drummond, 3rd Duke of Perth, Chief of Clan Drummond)
      • Clan MacDonald of Clanranald Regiment-200 men (Ranald MacDonald of Clanranald, "Young Clanranald," son of the Chief of Clan MacDonald of Clanranald)
      • Clan MacDonnell of Keppoch Regiment-200 men (Alexander MacDonnell of Keppoch, Chief of Clan MacDonnell of Keppoch)
      • Clan MacDonnell of Glengarry Regiment-420 men (Donald MacDonell of Lochgarry)
        • Clan Grant of Glenmorriston Unit-80 men (Alexander Grant of Corrimony)-attached to Clan MacDonnell of Glengarry Regiment
  • SECOND LINE-1,190 men (Lt.Col. Walter Stapleton)
    • Angus Regiment (Lord David Ogilvy, son of the Chief of Clan Ogilvy)
    • 1st Clan Gordon Regiment (Lord Lewis Gordon, brother of the Chief of Clan Gordon)
    • 2nd Clan Gordon Regiment (John Gordon of Glenbucket)
    • Duke of Perth's Regiment (Unknown)
    • Regiment Eccosais Royeaux (Lord Louis Drummond)
    • Irish Piquets Regiment (Maj. Summan)
    • THIRD LINE-400 men
    • Kilmarnock's Regiment (William Boyd, 4th Earl of Kilmarnock, Chief of Clan Boyd)
    • Pitsligo's Regiment (Alexander Baron Forbes of Pitsligo)
    • Regiment Baggot (Unknown)
    • Lord Elcho's Horse (David Wemyss Lord Elcho, son of the Chief of Clan Wemyss)
    • Life Guards (Unknown)
    • FitzJames's Horse (Sir Jean McDonell)
    • ARTILLERY (Unknown)
      • 2 x 2pdr cannon
      • 3 x 4pdr cannon
      • 3 x 6pdr cannon

Note 1: Of the commanding officers listed above:

  • Donald Cameron of Lochiel, de facto Chief of Clan Cameron, was wounded and had to be carried from the field
  • Charles Fraser of Inverallachie was mortally wounded
  • Alexander MacGillivray of Dunmaglass, Chief of Clan MacGillivray, was killed, with all but three officers of the Clan Chattan Regiment
  • Lachlan MacLachlan of MacLachlan, Chief of Clan MacLachlan, was killed
  • Charles MacLean of Drimnin was killed, with two of his sons
  • James Drummond, 3rd Duke of Perth and Chief of Clan Drummond, was severely wounded-he was carried from the field, but died on his way to France
  • Alexander MacDonell of Keppoch, Chief of Clan MacDonell of Keppoch, was killed

Other persons of note on the Jacobite side to be killed at Culloden were:

  • William Drummond of Machany, 4th Viscount of Strathallan
  • Robert Mercer of Aldie, an officer in the Atholl Highlanders Regiment
  • Gillies Mhor MacBean of Dalmagerry, who led the MacBeans of the Clan Chattan Regiment

Note 2: More clans fought (and died) at Culloden than is apparent from this order of battle.

The Atholl Highlanders Regiment (also known as the Atholl Brigade) was mostly made up of members of Clan Murray, Clan Ferguson, Clan Stewart of Atholl, Clan Menzies, and Clan Robertson.

Also, the clan regiments are not quite as easily defined as their names suggest. Note that:

  • In the Clan Cameron Regiment there were also members of Clan MacFie and Clan MacMillan
  • The Clan Stewart of Appin Regiment was not only made up of members of Clan Stewart of Appin, but also of Clan MacLaren, Clan MacColl, Clan MacInnes, Clan MacIntyre, and Clan Livingstone
  • The Clan Chattan Regiment was mostly made up of Clan MacIntosh, Clan MacGillivray, and Clan MacBean, but also included members of Clan MacKinnon and Clan MacTavish, which were not part of the Clan Chattan Confederation
  • The Clan MacDonnell of Keppoch Regiment included, apart from Clan MacDonnell of Keppoch, also Clan MacDonald of Glencoe (also known as Clan MacIan), Clan MacGregor, and Clan MacIver
  • Lord Ogilvy's Angus Regiment consisted mainly of members of Clan Ogilvy and Clan Ramsay
  • The Duke of Perth's Regiment consisted mainly of members of Clan Drummond
  • Kilmarnock's Regiment consisted mainly of members of Clan Boyd
  • Pitsligo's Regiment consisted mainly of members of Clan Forbes
  • Lord Elcho's Horse consisted mainly of members of Clan Wemyss

Government army

  • Army Commander-'William Duke of Cumberland
  • FIRST LINE-Earl of Abermarle
    • Barrel's Regiment of Foot
    • Munro's Regiment of Foot
    • Royal Scots Fusilier Regiment
    • Price's Regiment of Foot
    • Cholmondley's Regiment of Foot
    • The Royal Regiment of Foot
  • SECOND LINE-Maj.Gen John Huske
    • Wolfe's Regiment of Foot (Lt.Col James Wolfe)
    • Semphill's Regiment of Foot
    • Bligh's Regiment of Foot
    • Conway's Regiment of Foot
    • Fleming's Regiment of Foot
    • Howard's Regiment of Foot
  • THIRD LINE-Brig.Gen Mordaunt
    • Blakeney's Regiment of Foot
    • Battereau's Regiment of Foot
    • Pulteney's Regiment of Foot
    • Royal Artillery
      • 10 x 3pdr cannon
    • Campbell's Militia (Col. Jack Campbell)
    • Cobham's Dragoons
    • Kingston's Regiment of Horse


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